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Sodic Ras El Hekma Village is the latest project of Sodic Development Company in the North Coast region, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Egypt, and the first destination for Arab and foreign tourists. The company chose a plot of land with an area of ​​440 acres to establish this distinctive edifice, with a private beach of up to 800 square meters in length.

Sodic Ras Elhikma North Coast Resort is one of the most luxurious resorts located on the North Coast, which provides clients and investors with a huge variety of unit types, including palaces, townhouses, twin houses, and stand alone villas, with various areas starting from 250 square meters.

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Location and Design

A vital location is crucial for clients seeking residential or summer resort units. SODIC ensured its latest coastal project offers proximity to main roads and key areas by choosing the Ras El Hekma area, specifically at kilometer 205 of the Alexandria Desert Road.

Sodic Ras El Hekma Village features the latest international designs, implemented with top quality standards and technological techniques found in luxurious resorts. To achieve high efficiency and quality, Sodic collaborated with leading design, engineering, management, and contracting companies. The village offers many types of chalets and villas, including townhouses, twin houses, and standalone units, totaling 1,900 luxury units. These are surrounded by Crystal Lagoons and green spaces, with direct views of a private beach. The beachfront is 800 meters long, with the first row of units 3.5 meters from the beach, and increasing distances for subsequent rows.

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Project Area:

Sodic Ras El Hekma Village covers a large area of 440 square meters, with only 20% allocated to buildings, ensuring ample green spaces, landscapes, water bodies, and a large Crystal Lagoon occupying the remaining 80% of the project area.

Unit space:

- Palace space: The resort has a first row palace with a land area of ​​2,500 square meters and buildings of 750 square meters.

- Villas’ area: The area of ​​villas in Sodic North Coast starts from 400 square meters.

- Townhouse space: The area of ​​townhouse units in the resort starts from 260 square meters.

- Twin house area: Twin house area starts from 280 square meters.

Project Prices:

- Townhouse prices: Prices for townhouse villa units in the resort start from 45,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

- Twin House Prices: Twin house unit prices start from 50,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

- Prices of independent villas: Prices of independent villas in the village start from 100,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

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