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For those looking for real estate jobs in Egypt, we offer you a luxury job through a company that has years in this field, meaning that you will have the ability to be creative and learn in a lively work environment, with a lot of experience in the Egyptian real estate market.
We always strive to assist and support our employees and provide all the details of the work environment that helps them complete their tasks professionally.
If you are looking for a work environment that will be able to provide dozens of skills through which you will gain great experience in the field, then we are extending a helping hand to you now.
However, we offer you many advantages in terms of salary, and many benefits that the company has prepared for the comfort and support of its employees.

Real estate jobs in Egypt that we are looking for

Property Consultant

Senior Property Consultant

Requirements that must be met by job applicants

 Obtaining a bachelor’s degree

‎ Experience in real estate sales is a must

Experience in mediation is preferred

‎ Negotiation skills

‎ Good looking

He must own a car

‎ Proficiency in the English language

‎ Excellent communication skills

‎ Excellent sales skills

Job benefits in a real estate company

‎ Basic salary in addition to an attractive commission plan

SIM card capacity

Customer relationship management system (CRM)

‎New leads and campaigns daily

‏ Learning and development courses

‎ Social and medical insurance

‎ Training for new candidates

Real estate company website

The real estate company’s new location in Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement, is in a vital location that provides you with the ideal work environment and facilitates the process of getting to work on a daily basis.

To apply for the real estate jobs in egypt, send your CV via WhatsApp and you will be contacted directly

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