DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli


When you are looking for sophistication and luxury, DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli is your best destination, because through it you can get a first-class real estate unit, with elegant design, the most wonderful and varied facilities, in addition to international decorations.

This project is inspired by Cavalli, one of the international fashion partners, and it is a first-class residential tower through which you can get all the more wonderful facilities and services you desire, truly providing you with the luxury life that everyone is looking for for excellence, and raising children in a better environment. .

The project also includes a variety of units, which are apartments that start from one bedroom, and the project at the same time contains duplexes, which makes this project suitable for you in terms of units that you can choose to suit the number of your family members.

Also, the project, despite this global design and high-end details, Damac Company, as usual, presented the prices of these units competitively, and it also provided a group of payment facilities that are more than elegant, through which you can overlook the financial problems, especially that there are offers and discounts that you can Get to know her by contacting us through WhatsApp.

Design Of DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

In terms of design, the project is a distinctive international project, as it is inspired by the best standard details on which international projects exist in terms of internal division of units, in addition to that there are many high-end details in terms of finishes, decoration, and distribution of facilities in this project.

Accordingly, you can get a unit in terms of design, a global unit, and this project includes a group of various units, as it already includes apartments, and at the same time includes duplexes, which makes it suitable for any number of families that can enjoy this Luxurious design.

Location Of DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

The tower is located in Dubai Harbor, and it is one of the most important strengths of this project that it is located in this distinctive vital location, which will have a great role in making the destination of the unit that you really want to enjoy freely, which gives you the energy you are looking for as soon as you look from the balcony of your house At the same time, it will help you to obtain all the services and facilities that you want to obtain, through the location of this project in a vital and distinguished location.

Places near DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

The tower is only 30 minutes away from Al Maktoum International Airport.

The distance between the project and Fun and Play Nursery is only 6 minutes.

The project is located close to the Novomed Dubai Medical Center.

The project is located near the Mall of the Emirates.

The tower is also It is only 5 minutes away from Dubai Marina Mall.

 The project is located near Dublin Marina.

 The tower is located near Barasti Beach, only 5 minutes separate them.

Facilities and Services at DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

These facilities and services that were provided in the tower will have a role in meeting and fulfilling all the needs that you desire, and at the same time they will have a major role in obtaining the units you want with the basic requirements that you desire, and among the most prominent of these facilities and services in The project includes:

The Cavalli Studio for Art and Fashion is located in the tower.

 The project includes many places that serve food and drinks on the beach. The project has a Cavalli healer.

The project includes floating therapy services.

The tower has an area designated for yoga.

You can move easily between units due to the presence of various elevators.

The project has periodic cleaning and maintenance services.

The project has many Electronic portals in order to maintain privacy.

The units’ spaces in DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

The tower has a variety of spaces. These spaces that are included in the project, you can get the unit that suits you in terms of space, since the units of the tower are diverse. Among the most prominent details of the units’ space in the tower are the following:

1-bedroom apartments

2-bedroom apartments

3-bedroom apartments

5-bedroom duplexes

4-bedroom duplexes

Units prices in DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

Damac Properties has provided you through its project with all the standard details, starting from the design, and passing through these prices, which is really an opportunity that you must seize in order to be able to enjoy this competitive price on which the project exists, and among the most prominent details of unit prices in the tower are the following:

The price of the apartments starts from 2,990,000 dirhams.

Payment and payment packages at DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

The company has provided several packages to facilitate payment and payment operations in the tower, which is one of the advantages that make this project an ideal opportunity to start investing. Among the most prominent details of payment and payment packages:

20% down payment, 80% during construction, and 20% upon receipt.

Features Of DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

The tower has a variety of features, topped by this ideal design that the project enjoys, which makes it truly one of the most important projects through which you can feel proud in front of your visitors, and the tower has many facilities and services that provide you with the best luxury life. Which everyone can search for, in addition to the fact that these units that were offered by the project were presented in a competitive and more than wonderful image and prices, all these features indicate that this project is your first choice in Dubai.

flaws Of DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli

The defects of the project can be said to be related to the prices, as these prices are now ideal, but in the event that you wait a lot, these prices will change, due to the periodic changes that occur in real estate prices, so book now in order to overlook these defects.

About DAMAC Properties

Damac is one of the largest real estate companies in the UAE and the Arab world, which has many projects that testify to its ability to provide projects through which the customer can feel proud of having owned a project with these standard specifications, and therefore Damac always puts in your hands opportunities to obtain On an upscale and ideal estate.

The most important projects of the former Damac Real Estate Company

DAMAC Bay Cavalli

Nice villas damac lagoons dubai.

Damac Maison Dubai.

Cavalli Tower Dubai Marina.

For more details, inquiries, and reservations in the DAMAC Bay 2 Cavalli project, contact us via WhatsApp, and the sales management team will contact you in a few minutes.

What are the units of the project

Apartments, duplexes.

What is the developer company for the project

DAMAC Real Estate Development Company

How to contact the sales department

Contact us via WhatsApp and we will contact you in minutes.

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