DAMAC Bay by Cavalli


With the expertise of Damac Properties, it has implemented DAMAC Bay by Cavalli in the Harbor area, the best vital location in the heart of Dubai, through which you can enjoy high-end apartments, which enjoy all the meanings of entertainment and the most wonderful service facilities, and accordingly you can enjoy the ideal All members of your family enjoy these facilities and services.

Damac has implemented units with a variety of designs, commensurate with those with high tastes, as this project is signed by Kavali, which is one of the most important international fashion houses, which makes you imagine how many of these features the project has, and accordingly it can ideally be In your hands is a classy residential unit with a commensurate area.

In addition, these units, despite these high-end details, the company has set these units at competitive prices and special prices, in addition to that there are special payment packages that you can rely on in order to pay and pay for the units you want in the project.

Location Of DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

The project enjoys the ideal location, as it is in Harbour Dubai, not only what distinguishes this charming site, but you are present directly on water bodies that will give you the best view, give you vitality and activity, and at the same time you have to know that this project is in the best A vital location in Dubai is very close to all vital projects and facilities that can need the services you provide.

Places near DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

The project is located near the Emirates Golf Club, only minutes separating them.

The project is located near Dubai Airport, only 20 minutes separating them.

The tower is located near Dubai Marina, just a few minutes separating them.

The project is located near Jumeirah Beach.

The tower It is located near the Dubai Metro, only a few minutes away.

 The project is located near Sheikh Zayed Road.

 The tower is 7 minutes away from the Mall of the Emirates.

 The project is located near Dubai Marina.

Design Of DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

The tower has a global and distinctive design, and it is one of the customs that Damac follows in all its luxurious projects that it implements, whether in the Emirates or outside the Emirates, and that comes directly from the best Arab and international design companies and offices in order to design these projects that it puts on Ground.

Therefore, we find that the design of the towers came with a modern strategy that provided it with a luxurious exterior design, and an interior design that is more than elegant and better than wonderful, and the project was designed in the form of three residential towers, which reach a height of 42 floors, and this project is really characterized by the fact that it contains spaces green, and all the entertainment elements through which you can enjoy all the fine details that help you feel the luxury of life.

Facilities and Services at DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

The facilities and services included in the project varied, between these service facilities that are needed on a daily basis, and between the most wonderful facilities and services that are really needed in order to feel the luxury of life, which really makes this project an ideal project through which you can You obtain the residential life that everyone is looking for, which enjoys entertainment and sophistication, and the most prominent of these facilities and services that are available in the project include the following:

The tower has people dedicated to receiving visitors.

 The two swimming pools in this project vary.

 The tower includes a variety of international restaurants and cafes.

 The project has places designated for exit and entry.

 The project includes more than one large and huge supermarket

Security and guard services and surveillance cameras in the project in order to enhance safety.

The project includes a group of international gyms equipped with the best and latest equipment.

The project already has a group of health clubs that are more than wonderful and distinctive.

The project includes dancing fountains that give the best joy and view Distinctive.

There are educational services through virtual world schools.

The units’ spaces in DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

The space of the units in the project is varied, which makes the opportunity you are looking for available in this high-end residential tower, and it was approved by DAMAC in order to provide all the requirements of customers in this project, so you can reach the units that suit you through the project, whatever this space is. The most prominent details of the units’ space in the tower include:

Three-room duplexes, whose space starts from 301 square meters.

4-room duplexes, whose space starts from 399 square meters.

One-room apartments, whose space starts from 66 square meters.

Two-room apartments, whose space starts from 118 square meters

 Apartments in the tower consist of three rooms, starting from 188 square meters.

Units prices in DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

Despite these standard details that you will only find in one of the innovations of Damac Properties, whether in terms of facilities and services, or in terms of standard details that actually pertain to the various spaces and location, the payment and repayment rates that have been provided are competitive prices, and among the most prominent details are what follows:

Duplex prices start from 2,950,000 dirhams

 Apartment prices start from 14,670,000 dirhams.

Payment and payment packages at DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

Damt Company has put all the demands that you dream about in this project, whether in terms of the most wonderful facilities and services that were provided by the project, or in terms of prices and spaces, and in order to make it easier for you to pay the price of the unit, it has developed customized packages of the most flexible payment, and from The most important details of these packages are as follows:

20% down payment, 60% during construction, and 20% upon receipt.

 Receipt 2027.

Advantages Of DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

The advantages of these residential towers that were provided in the project are varied, and among the most important of these features that are available in the project is the ideal location, in addition to the fact that the prices offered by the units are competitive, other than many of the facilities and services that the project is located on.

 Flaws Of DAMAC Bay by Cavalli

The defects of the project can be overcome immediately by booking through us, because these units will rise in price due to changes in real estate prices over time.

About DAMAC Properties

Damac is one of the most prominent real estate companies that exist in the Arab arena, which is characterized by the wonderful projects that have already provided it on the ground, as they are luxurious and distinctive projects, and it has all the meanings of sophistication that exists in real estate projects.

Previous work of Damac Real Estate Company

Eterno villas Damac Hills 2 Dubai.

Cavalli Tower Dubai Marina.

Nice villas damac lagoons dubai.

Damac Maison Dubai.

For more details and information about DAMAC Bay by Cavalli and to book in the project, contact us via WhatsApp, and the sales management team will contact you in minutes.

What are the units of the project

Apartments, duplexes

What is the company developing the project

DAMAC Properties

How to contact the project sales department

Contact us via WhatsApp and the sales management team will contact you in minutes.

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