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Canal Heights enjoys a sophisticated and unprecedented design and an ideal vital location that makes this project one of the most important distinctive choices for those wishing to obtain an upscale, first-class residential unit in one of the best projects of DAMAC Properties, and the project that combines a unique view as it is distinguished by the face The marine area, which is located specifically on the Dubai Canal, and between vitality, as it is located near commercial and service projects.

The project also provides you with wonderful accommodation, as the project is inspired by one of the international designs, which includes an infinity pool designed in the form of a sea shell, all you can say about the details, facilities and design of the project is that it is already perfectly prepared and a unique design that will make you ideally able to Enjoy the meaning of modern life.

Also, the most important feature of the project is the details that the developer is interested in in terms of spaces, so the project consists of a group of units whose areas vary to suit all customers’ requirements, which makes the space you want and fit your family present in the project.

All of these are the standard details on which the project is located, and in the end, the company offered the project at competitive and unprecedented prices, in addition to a group of more than wonderful payment facilities.

Location Of Canal Heights

The project is located near many service facilities such as schools and hospitals, and a group of recreational and service places at the same time, such as commercial malls, because the project is located on the most difficult edges of the Dubai Canal, specifically in the Business Bay area, in the heart of Dubai.

Places near Canal Heights

The project is located near the famous Burj area.

The project is close to Sheikh Zayed Road.

The project is located near City Walk.

The project is located near Jumeirah Beach.

The project is 20 minutes away from Dubai International Airport.

The project is located near A variety of international schools.

Many health centers can be found near the project.

Units space in Canal Heights

The spaces that the company has provided in the project are various, and this matter is indeed one of the reasons that can help you to obtain the unit that suits your family, but these spaces are diverse in terms of design, meaning that it is able to provide you with the design that suits you, Among the most prominent of these details related to the project areas are the following:

Two-room studios.

One-room studios.

Services and facilities at Canal Heights

The facilities and services were ideally selected in order to provide the life of luxury that can be searched for in the new projects, and accordingly, the DAMAC project is indeed an opportunity to live in the modern real estate edifice that has a great role in raising your children ideally, and among the most prominent of these details The facilities and services in the project include the following:

A group of secured elevators that facilitate movement between units.

The project has a variety of services such as cleaning and maintenance.

The project includes a set of standard details in terms of international cafes.

There are many distinctive restaurants nearby that provide delicious foods.

There are nearby The project includes many shopping centers that are more than luxurious.

The project includes several perfect and wonderful recreational facilities.

The project has a more than wonderful infinity pool.

The Damac project enjoyed periodic guard services for privacy and security.

Designed of Canal Heights

The design on which the project is available will play a major role in clarifying the experience that the company enjoys, and it will also have a major role in reaching ideally all the standard details on which the projects exist in terms of the ability to combine an unprecedented global design. And among the elements of global entertainment and luxury.

There are many entertainment elements in the project, and it came in a distinctive way to provide these projects with the ideal way through which you can finally ensure that your project really has the most luxurious design through which you can feel the quality through which you feel proud in front of visitors.

Unit prices in Canal Heights

The prices are competitive, and this can be noticed when you compare this global project with any of the projects that exist in this region, not only that, but that these prices are an opportunity that creates an investment opportunity in the real estate in front of you, and you must seize it if you want to invest in any of the distinctive vital sectors, The most prominent details of unit prices in the project include:

Prices start from 1,303,000 dirhams.

Payment and installment packages in Canal Heights

Damac Properties has provided a variety of installment and real estate packages, which you can rely on in order to pay the price of the units in the project, which makes this company one of the real estate companies that puts the owner in the first place, and provides him with everything he wants in the project, and among the most prominent details Payment and repayment rates in the project include:

Pay 20% down payment and pay the rest in 15 installments.

Features Of Canal Heights

The features that are available in the project are many, which makes the project an opportunity that you must seize, as the project contains units of various sizes that suit all requirements, in addition to that it contains more than distinguished facilities and services that will have a great role in making you live in luxury. that everyone is looking for, and in the end we find that the prices of the units and the payment and payment packages will have a role in making you pay the price of the units easily and smoothly without any kind of problems.

Among the features that appear strongly in this project and make it a vital real estate edifice is the location in which the project is located, which indicates that it was chosen very carefully and based on a study, as the project is located near many vital and service sites.

Flaws Of Canal Heights

The defects in the Damac project are that you seize the opportunity, that is, the reservation process now will have a role in getting your unit in this project at that special price, that in the case of waiting, either the units will expire, or these prices can rise over time.

About DAMAC Real Estate Company

DAMAC is one of the most important real estate companies that exist in the Arab arena as a whole, and it is one of the companies that has a long experience in the field of real estate, because its experience in this field reaches 20 years, and accordingly it can ideally have through it a unit in your hands First-class real estate in terms of design or facilities, and the various spaces available in the units.

Previous work of Damac Real Estate Company

Verona – DAMAC Hills 2.


Skycrest Collection.


For reservations and inquiries about the Canal Heights project, contact us via WhatsApp, and the sales management team will contact you in a few minutes.

What are the units of the project


What is the company developing the project

DAMAC Properties

How to contact the project sales management

Contact via WhatsApp and the sales management team will contact you in minutes.

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