Canal Crown


Canal Crown has international specifications that make it an unprecedented residential project, whether in terms of the unique design of its kind, or in terms of the standard details on which the project is located in terms of the unit’s view of green spaces and more than wonderful water, through which you can live the life of luxury that you seek. about everyone.

Waterfronts will help you to renew your activity on a daily basis as soon as you look from the project window, and the project is designed to be a global project in Arabic clothes in terms of the privacy that the design preserves for each of the families that owns one of these quiet jewels that the project contains, as the project is inspired by nature, Where is the perfect aquamarine stone, and it is one of the most important and distinctive gems that help you perfectly feel the idealism of the unit that you possess.

The units vary in size to reach the space that suits you and your family, as the project includes a variety of the most wonderful and unique residential apartments, and the project includes studios whose space starts from one bedroom.

And the presence of the project in this ideal location, where all of the high-end and distinctive units that are located near it, including shops and service projects that are more than wonderful, will have a great role in getting all your daily needs and services for your family that you desire with just a few minutes separating between and these units that are located near From you.

Design Of Canal Crown

The wonderful residential tower was designed with an unprecedented global system while preserving the Arab identity, which is represented in the absolute privacy that each unit of the project can enjoy, and accordingly, in terms of design, it is the first choice that you can get in the heart of The UAE.

Also, these residential units, which are available in the project from the studios, have been taken into account to be varied in terms of space, and accordingly, you can directly have in your hands the unit that is directly proportional to the number of your family.

Location Of Canal Crown

The site when this company is intended for the project is one of the companies that have experience, the site where the project is an ideal and distinctive site, and accordingly you can clearly be in your hands a carefully chosen site that is close to all the vital places that you can get all Daily requirements, as this project is located specifically at the heart of the real estate market in Dubai, which contributes to making this project already perfect in terms of location.

Places near Canal Crown

The tower is located near Sheikh Zayed Road.

The tower is close to the Canal Heights project.

The project is located near the Burj area in Dubai.

Five minutes separating the project from Al Safa British School.

The project is located near Net City Walk, one of the most important entertainment destinations.

 A few minutes separate the project from the Dubai Mall.

Prime Medical Center is close to the project.

Jumeirah Beach is located close to the project.

The project is separated from the two JW Marriott Marquis hotels by just minutes.

Units space in Canal Crown

The spaces that the residential project contained in units of various sizes, which made it an ideal opportunity to obtain the space that is actually suitable for the members of your family, and among the most prominent details of the space of the units that are located in the project are the following:

4-room studios

 3-room studios

 2-room studios

 1-bedroom studios

Facilities and services in Canal Crown

Each of the facilities and services has been carefully selected in order to provide the best luxury life for customers and owners, which really makes the residential project represent the luxury life that everyone is looking for, and the most prominent of these facilities and services that are available in the project include the following:

The project has a garden professionally inspired by the modern planet.

 The project includes an aqua gym.

 The project has many areas that have been prepared for luxury.

 The tower includes cafes with the most wonderful sessions.

 Restaurants serving delicious food are spread near The project.

 There is a more than wonderful luxury experience in the project, which is swimming with a mouse.

 The most wonderful commercial malls are close to the project.

Unit prices in Canal Crown

Despite this distinction on which the units are located, these prices on which the project is already located are competitive prices compared to similar projects or entertainment and spaces on which the project was provided, and among the most prominent details of this project in terms of prices are the following:

Prices start from 1,994,000 dirhams.

Payment and installment packages at Canal Crown

Damac Properties, as usual, offered the projects that it is implementing a group of payment and repayment packages. These packages on which the project is located are ideally characterized by the details on which it will be easy for you, relying on them, to obtain a high-end unit in this project, and among the most prominent of these details that really belong to the packages that You can use it to pay and pay the following:

Pay 10% down payment and pay the remaining 15.

Features Of Canal Crown

The features that this high-end residential project from Damac Properties contains are a first-class project, and accordingly, you can ideally get all these features that the project contains perfectly, and among the most prominent of these details that the project is located on in terms of features is this location The wonderful one that was chosen for the implementation of the project, in addition to the most wonderful installment and payment packages.

The fact that this project has amenities and services that are entertaining and can actually provide you with all the standard details through which you can feel the life of luxury that many are looking for, in addition to that the project already has various spaces that suit everyone.

Defects Of Canal Crown

The project’s defects can be summarized in one element, which is the details on which the project is located in terms of prices, meaning that these prices are now competitive and distinctive, but while you wait and delay booking now, these prices will rise.

About DAMAC Real Estate Development Company

Damac Properties is one of the most important companies that exist in the real estate arena, and it has a distinctive image with many details, most notably that it provides all the requirements that customers desire in the project, whether in terms of a distinguished location, or international design, and it offers a more than wonderful package From payment packages and premium prices, it also perfectly provides a range of facilities and services that provide a luxury life for everyone.

Previous work of Damac Real Estate Development Company

Verona – DAMAC Hills 2.

DAMAC Bay 2 by Cavalli.

Skycrest Collection.

For more details and reservations in the Canal Crown project, contact the sales department via WhatsApp, and we will contact you in a few minutes.

What is the area of the units in the project

It starts from one room

What is the developer of the Canal Crown project

DAMAC Properties

How to communicate with the project sales department

Contact via WhatsApp and we will contact you in minutes

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