Cavalli Couture


Cavalli Couture is one of the opportunities offered by Damac Properties for those wishing to obtain luxury apartments in the best vital location in Dubai, and the best distinctive view, directly on the Dubai Water Canal in the heart of Safa Park, amidst many landscapes that find your daily activity. As soon as you open a window of your loneliness in this project.

And the company sought the help of a variety of world-famous and best designers and architects in order to provide this new residential edifice that is characterized by the distinctive units of various sizes in terms of elegant and unprecedented design, in addition to that it has all the modern concepts that can provide you with the life of luxury that everyone is looking for.

The project has many facilities, and it is located in one of the ideal and wonderful locations through which you can clearly have in your hands a distinctive real estate unit of the first class, and the most prominent of these facilities that you can enjoy is the infinity pool on the roof of the building.

Location of Cavalli Couture

The project is characterized by an unprecedented location, as it directly combines the view of the private beach of the Dubai Canal, and on the other hand, it is ideally located in Haditha Al-Safa, where the most wonderful and stunning views that you can enjoy directly, and the project is located in close proximity to A variety of vital and service sites where you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the services that you and your family members desire.

Places near Cavalli Couture

It is only 5 minutes away from the project and Mercato Mall.

The project is 8 minutes away from Souk Al Bahar.

One of the international schools located near the project is Cavalli Tower School.

Oasis Mall is only 15 minutes away from the project.

 Sunset Mall is only 5 minutes away from the project.

 The distance between Emirates Hospital and it is less than 6 minutes.

 JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is 10 minutes away from the project.

Units Space in Cavalli Couture

The upscale residential residence that you can enjoy, which DAMAC Properties grants to you, is suitable in all its details that were chosen very carefully by those in charge of the project, and therefore we find that the spaces in the project are varied, in order to meet all the needs of all types of families in terms of the number they have. You would like to have an elegant and distinctive residence in this project, starting from apartments to penthouses of various sizes, and the most important details of this project in terms of area are the following:

3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartments.

6-bedroom penthouses.

Unit prices in Cavalli Couture

The prices that were provided in the project despite the large areas, and this distinguished strategic location in which the project is located is indeed an opportunity, and it is a greater opportunity in terms of a 100% successful real estate investment, especially since there are packages designed to pay the price of the units. The most important details of unit prices in the project include:

Prices start from 22,183,000 dirhams.

Cavalli Couture facilities and services

The project has dozens of facilities and services that can ideally achieve the luxury life that everyone is looking for, because the project is dedicated to a high-quality luxury and distinction, and accordingly you can basically have in your hands an ideal project through which you can live the life of princes, Among the most prominent of these facilities and services available in the project are the following:

The project includes an infinity pool on its luxurious roof.

You can reach the famous Bridge of Tolerance in Dubai in an easy way.

The project is distinguished by its charming view, as it is located in the heart of Haditha Al-Safa.

The project is located near a variety of wonderful shopping centers.

project includes forests The rainforest and green spaces are more than wonderful.

There are many distinguished hotels nearby.

Service and educational areas are abundant near the tower.

The tower contains 8 elevators in order to facilitate movement between units.

The residential units of the tower are equipped with high-end furnishings and equipment.

 The tower includes private waterfalls, which give a wonderful view.

Design Of Cavalli Couture

The design on which the tower was located had a great role in giving it the touch that made it one of the best international projects that were designed in a unique and distinctive style, and this project ideally enjoys the customized natural elements that have a role in giving these units a view of more than characteristic.

In addition to the diversity that the company took into account, the project combines units of varying sizes, most notably apartments and penthouses. Directly with all the details you want in terms of elegant design and various spaces.

Payment packages and payment systems at Cavalli Couture

Easy payment packages and payment systems were provided by DAMAC Properties, in order to facilitate the payment process for customers and owners, and therefore we find that the project ideally has all the standard details that you could want, which will have a role in getting the unit you want. Without any kind of financial problems that can stand in front of you, and among the most prominent and important details of payment and repayment in the project are the following:

Pay 20% and pay the rest over 25 years.

Defects of Cavalli Couture

The defects of the tower may be limited to the possibility of you seizing the opportunity or leaving it, meaning that this project, if you manage to reserve its units now, you will be able to ideally benefit from this price, but in the event that you are late, these prices will be subject to change, so book now through us.

Features of Cavalli Couture

The features of the tower are many and varied, which makes this project an opportunity by all standards in order to be able to obtain elegant and distinctive housing, as this project is already directly located in a vital and ideal location, and these units that were provided in it are designed in an ideal way, in addition to These service facilities, which are located near the project, will play a major role in obtaining all the requirements that you and your family desire.

About DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties, which has 20 years of experience in the real estate market, and this company has many projects that it has launched on the ground, through which it has already confirmed the great experience that this company enjoys, and the sophistication of these projects that it is implementing on the ground.

The most important projects of Damac Properties

DAMAC Lagoons Malta.

Camelia Villas.

Safa to de Grisogono.

DAMAC Lagoons Malta.

Canal Heights 2 de Grisogono.

For more details and information about Cavalli Couture and reservations, contact the sales department via WhatsApp and we will contact you in minutes.

What are the project units

Apartments, penthouses

What is the company developing the project

Damac Properties

How to communicate with the project sales department

Contact us via WhatsApp and the sales department will contact you in minutes

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