SAFA Two De GriSogono is one of the architectural icons that Damac Real Estate Company died, as it is one of the finest modern real estate projects that are in Dubai, specifically on Sheikh Zayed Road, near a variety of facilities and services that are more than wonderful through which you can Enjoy the natural luxury that everyone is looking for.

The project also includes a group of luxurious and distinctive residential units that were designed in an advanced technical style to compete with the best international residential real estate projects, which makes this project an ideal opportunity through which you can enjoy the best wonderful view that a residential unit can have.

Damac has taken care of the distinguished real estate development of the project in terms of the elegant design on which the project is located, in addition to these recreational facilities that provide you with the luxury life that everyone is looking for in the new units.

Other than that this project is ideally characterized by many high-end details on which the project is located in terms of prices in order to help the competitive prices on which the project is located, in addition to the payment and payment facilities on which the project is located.

Location Of Safa Two de GRISOGONO

The project is located near a group of vital sites and various distinctive facilities, as the project is located specifically on Sheikh Zayed Road, which makes the project close to many distinctive vital landmarks, in addition to that this project will really help you to obtain all the basic requirements And the luxury desire, as it is located near many service and entertainment places.

Places near Safa Two de GRISOGONO

.The project is located near the Box Park shopping center

.The project is located close to the Oasis Mall, only 10 minutes separating them.

.The project is also located near the JJ Jablio Marriott, only 10 minutes separating them

.It is close to Dubai International Airport Only 20 minutes separate them

. One of the most important educational centers near the project is Huarzin International

Design Of Safa Two de GRISOGONO

When you rely on housing in one of the projects of a company that has great experience in the real estate market, the result that you reach will be a sophisticated and distinctive design on which the project is located. Therefore, the project is a modern architectural masterpiece. Each of the elements that make it up has been chosen very carefully, building On this matter, you can ideally have in your hands, in the end, an ideal, first-class project, that is, a unit that enjoys a sophisticated design that makes you feel proud in front of visitors, and among the most prominent details of the design of the units in the project are the following.

It consists of units of various designs and spaces.

The project has studios and penthouses.

There are many entertainment elements in the project.

Units space in Safa Two de GRISOGONO

The project also provided various units in terms of design, at the same time it provided many spaces that make the unit that you really want that you can obtain in an easy and distinctive way, which made the project a suitable place for those wishing to obtain the best unit Luxurious and distinctive residential units in Dubai, and the most prominent details of the units’ space included in the project are as follows.

The project includes one-, two-, and three-room studios.

The project includes penthouses of various sizes.

Facilities and services at Safa Two de GRISOGONO

As we mentioned, the project represents the life of luxury that everyone is looking for in terms of facilities and various services, in addition to the elegant design. Everyone, and the most prominent of these details, facilities and services that the project contains are the following.

There are a variety of restaurants serving western and oriental food that suit everyone.

The project includes many cafes that are characterized by wonderful sessions.

The project has global infinity swimming pools, which is the true meaning of luxury.

A glass slide that gives a wonderful view and an ideal aesthetic shape.

One of the features that are not often repeated is the misty forest.

The project includes a distinctive walkway on the edge that is more than wonderful.

The project has a platform that witnessed one of the most important global platforms.

Units Prices in Safa Two de Grisogono

Despite these details, which are what everyone can look for in projects, these prices, in which the units were offered, are competitive and distinctive, and therefore this project ideally enjoys all the options that you can search for in the project, whether luxuries or basics. In addition to the competitive price, the real estate company DAMAC has provided a set of facilities in order to help facilitate the process of obtaining these units that make up the project, and the most prominent of these details related to the price: packages that make up the project include the following.

Prices start from 788,000 dirhams.

The advantages of Safa Two De GriSogono

The advantages of the project are many, as the project is ideally characterized by these high -end details that will make you ideally enjoy the housing unit, the most important of which is the ideal location on which the project is located, besides that the company has already launched units with a set of high -end and distinctive competitive prices that you can benefit from

In addition, the project is ideally characterized by an unprecedented, elegant design, which gives these units a wonderful view, in addition to the facilities and services that make up the project.

Disadvantages of Safa Two de GRISOGONO

The defects of the project are the disadvantages related to it from the inside, but rather are characterized by the opportunity that you can seize is that these units that make up the project are offered with competitive prices now, but while you are waiting, these prices can rise, so you have to take the opportunity and get these units To condone these problems or this defect permanently.

About DAMAC Properties

One of the leading companies in the real estate field at the level of the Arab world, and the witness to its distinction are these global projects that this company provides on the ground, which will have a major role in raising the level of real estate that exists in the Arab world as a whole, and this company also enjoys With extensive experience of up to 20 years.

Previous work of Damac Real Estate Company

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For more details and reservations in the Safa Two de GRISOGONO project, contact us now via WhatsApp, and the sales management team will contact you in a few minutes.

What are the project units

Penthouses, studios

What is the developer of the Safa Two de GRISOGONO project

Damac Properties

How do you communicate with the project sales department

Contact us via WhatsApp and our sales management team will contact you in minutes

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