Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons


The location of Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons has been chosen very carefully, as it is located near many vital landmarks that are more than elegant, which will have a great role in providing you with all your needs that you desire and want to obtain.

 And the units developed by the company The developer is in your hands with competitive and more than wonderful prices that you can benefit from now, especially since the developer company has developed a set of ideal installment and payment packages

Decision of Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

Therefore, through the project, you can obtain various units, which the developer company took into account to be diverse in order to suit all family requirements, as there are townhouse units consisting of 4 rooms, and units consisting of 5 rooms

The area of ​​Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

On an area of ​​45,000,000 feet, this project was provided, which is characterized by being an ideal project in terms of the space that was exploited in the way that has already provided many of the high-end details on which the project is located, in terms of the diversity of facilities, the diversity of units, and the provision of all the distinctive facilities and services that you can achieve. The best use of it

Map of Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

The site is chosen very carefully, because the developer company is keen in its projects to be selected based on a prior study, which contributed to the enjoyment of all the projects provided by the company, and we find that the project is located near Damac Hills and a variety of places with facilities and services Most of the classy that you can actually take advantage of

Places near Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

The project is located near the Radisson Dubai Hotel, while it is 5 minutes away

The project is located near the Motor City Hotel, only 10 minutes between them

One of the most important shopping centers near the project is City Center Me’aisem

It separates the project from NMC Hospital only 15 minutes

The project is half an hour away from Dubai International Airport

The project is located near Jabal International School

Facilities and services at Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

service and entertainment facilities that have been provided in this new civilization will have a major role in enjoying the life of luxury that he is looking for, and these facilities and services that the project already enjoys will have a great role in directly achieving excellence, and the most prominent of these Facilities and services include

project has a group of heritage stone roads and paths

The project is distinguished by the presence of an unprecedented virtual reality garden

project enjoys the presence of the most wonderful and distinctive water facades

The project has wide and distinctive green spaces that enjoy sophistication project includes a company Damac complete basic services that everyone wants

The project has a pavilion dedicated to building cubes

Security and guarding services for safety

Dedicated gates in order to maintain the privacy that everyone is looking for

The project is characterized by a variety of seating areas And enjoy nature

Units prices in Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

The prices on which the Damac project is located, despite these high-end details that are available in it from design and others, in addition to the diversity of these distinctive facilities that exist in the project, but these prices that the company provided are competitive and ideal prices, and among the most prominent of these details that really belong to Unit prices in the project include:

The price of the units starts at a competitive price of 2,929,000 dirhams

Payment systems at Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

In the new Damac project, there is a group of more than wonderful payment and payment packages that you can use in order to pay and pay for the units, and accordingly, you can directly have a unit in your hands without any financial obstacles that can prevent you from obtaining it. Among the most prominent of these packages

Pay 24% of the unit value and pay the rest in 9 installments

Disadvantages of Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

The disadvantages of this project we can say that it falls around the prices, as these prices are already competitive now, but in the event that you are waiting, these prices are subject to changes, so you have to make a reservation now in order to be able to overlook these changes that may occur. on prices.

Features of Malta Townhouses at Damac Lagoons

The advantages in the project are great, which has already made it an opportunity to obtain a first-class, high-end residence, and after this project, it is the ideal opportunity that you can enjoy, and you can take advantage of this competitive price, and the elegant design that the project is located on, and that will make you enjoy With the luxury life that everyone is looking for, and accordingly, you can ideally have in your hands an ideal first-class project that combines a distinctive price, a distinctive design, in addition to the control of the elements of nature

About DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Real Estate Development Company is one of the distinguished companies that already exists in a high-end position dedicated to it, because it already enjoys all the elements of strength and transparency. 20 years of experience in the field of real estate enabled the company to already have in its hands sophisticated and distinctive projects that combine all the elements that can be thought of. The owners, which is a fundamental reason for the distinction of this company

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Near Damac Hills

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Townhouse consisting of 4 rooms and 5 rooms

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